I really want to say thank you for the truly beautiful opportunity to spend a week on retreat in Bali. Thank you so much for the space/learning/opportunity that you created and provided. I really enjoyed the QiGong and Chanting, as well as the opportunity for discussion with like-minds. I benefited from the silence, for personal reflection, but mostly just for the tranquillity. The natural progression of building strength and complexity throughout the week of asana classes was inspiring and encouraging, and the introduction to yoga philosophy was valuable and opened up conversations many of us tried to avoid, but simultaneously desired!

Thanks again,


Thanks for a great week Patrick and thank you to the group for cultivating such a conscious, caring and genuine vibe.


Finding stillness is such a struggle, but so rewarding in those brief moments when it’s experienced! Thanks for the beautiful experience, Patrick–and thanks to all of you who joined us for making and holding a space in which we could be still.


Patrick’s approach to yoga is wonderfully holistic and is evidently informed by a deep, vast philosophy and practice. As a teacher, he offers his students the very best opportunity to practice with integrity, heart and to their capacity – be that for the beginning or the advanced student.



I was lucky enough to participate in Patrick’s 2014 Bali Retreat. It was my first time at a yoga retreat and it was perfect as Patrick was able to cater for everyone’s different experience and ability. I was 19 weeks pregnant and it was the highlight of my pregnancy – such an indulgent, energising week. I felt my baby move for the first time during one of our Meditation sessions.??Such a welcoming group, a still, reflective space, my idea of luxury accommodation, freshly cooked vegetarian meals and yoga!! My fondest memory is of eating breakfast in silence each morning, overlooking the rice paddies, sipping on fresh ginger tea. Thank you Patrick and all the yogis from last year.

Thank you for the inspiring retreat. Your compassionate, generous and considered teachings not only serve my yoga and meditation practice on the mat, but equally in the midst of my busy and often fragmented life – help me cultivate equanimity and “non attachment” whilst still experiencing joy.



Patrick is a truly exceptional teacher and a gracious guide and mentor – a student of the Path, he himself practices what he offers his students. He embodies the grace, calm and fortitude we all strive for with grounded humility. Being on retreat, and sharing time with other attendees, has been very precious for me, and as I arrive home I feel a refreshed zest for my daily life and new strength for the journey ahead.

With Great Thanks

Caddy (2017)