What is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient tradition with a rich and diverse history that offers much for our modern times. At this moment in time we have greater access to the knowledge and wisdom of yoga than every before. We are also witnessing not only a flowering of yoga across the whole planet, but also a significant step in its ongoing evolution.

At one level, yoga helps us get in touch with, balance  and integrate the different parts of ourself so that we may live more happily and fully as human beings. Being as healthy as possible is an important part of this: through physical postures (asana), breathing techniques (pranayama), meditation, and a range of other practices, we work to improve our physical, mental and  emotional wellbeing.

At another level, yoga offers the potential to go beyond the limited and limiting sense of self with which most of us are operating. With practice comes stability, and with stability a natural opening to our deeper nature: beyond the purely sensory; beyond conditioned mind. This is yoga as connection, union. It is ignorance of our true nature that keeps us in a state suffering; when we cease identifying with what we are not, we cease to suffer.