Hatha Yoga in Melbourne with Patrick Glennan

– an unwavering commitment to teaching honest and integrated yoga –

Patrick has been teaching yoga and meditation classes and retreats for over 15 years. He has attracted a large following of committed students who enjoy his teaching style for its wisdom, sensitivity and honesty. Whilst ‘popular yoga’ becomes increasingly swayed by the tides of passing trends, Patrick remains committed to a deeply personal enquiry that continues to inform, and give ballast to his teaching. Patrick teaches regular weekly classes in Abbotsford, Fitzroy and West Footscray as well as running annual retreats to Bali, and around Victoria.

“What is most essential is the practice of Dhyana, meditative mindfulness, which enables us to experience the Absolute Purity of our deepest nature and to hold that transpersonal truth in the complexity of our personal lives.”

Zen Master Jun Po Denis Kelly 

Patrick completed formal yoga training under Paul Wooden in 2004. Since then he has continued to study with renowned teachers in Australia, Italy, India, Thailand, Bali and the United States. As well as teaching consistently in a number of yoga studios in inner-city Melbourne, he has also taught in various corporate environments and men’s prison. Since 2011 Patrick has been facilitating regular yoga and meditation retreats both in Australia and abroad. He draws inspiration from a number of different sources, including the Classical yoga of Patanjali, Advaita Vedanta, Zen and other Buddhist traditions.